Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coconut oil...beneficial for those with MS???

A little over a week ago I added coconut oil to my daily dose of supplements. Coconut oil had been suggested by a very dear friend of mine back in April 2010 and I didn't jump on the coconut train at that time because I was hesitant and a little fearful about how my body would react...hindsight is always 20/20 right?! LOL
A few weeks ago I got a nasty cold and was very frustrated with my lack of progress in getting better...which sent me into a spiral of trying to find the best way to get healthier and stay healthier. There have been a bunch of suggestions, but the only one I'm talking about today is COCONUT OIL.

I am not an expert by any means, but I have 9 days under my belt and feel confident that I can share some information that might just benefit others...primarily those with autoimmune diseases such as MS.

The benefits of coconut oil are pretty impressive, I found several areas on the web that have listed them:
1. Coconut Research Center
2. Universal Health Tips
3. Forbes Nutritional Services

Anytime we try something new, our body is going to react. It is always a good idea to talk with your doctor about starting new regimens. With that being said, you know your body, so do what you feel is best. However, it is important to know what can occur when starting a new regimen if information is available. For coconut oil, something called "The Herx Effect" can occur, please read the list here:

My personal experience...
I started out doing 1 Tbsp. coconut oil in a bowl of oatmeal in the mornings and within a few days was able to increase to 2 Tbsp. With 2 Tbsp. I would either put my coconut oil in a smoothie and drink it or add it to 2 packets of oatmeal in the mornings. For 3 Tbsp. I have been doing smoothies because I simply don't like the taste of it right off the spoon...but if you do, then I'd do it that way...seems much easier to me. I plan to stick with 3 Tbsp. for the next week before I increase to the maximum daily dose of 4 Tbsp. I just want to be absolutely sure my body is ready for the full dose and I feel that staying with 3 Tbsp. for a week is the best way to do so.

As for the Herx effect/detox issues...I haven't really had anything too major (thankfully). I think it was the 5th day (and was at either 2 Tbsp. or 3 Tbsp.) when I had an incident during the night where I woke up feeling really HOT and my heart was racing. This only lasted about 15 minutes and after moving to the living room, I was able to doze back to sleep. I had one day where I was peeing more than normal. I have noticed that I have actually been more hungry since starting the coconut oil...which might be a good sign that my body is wanting nutrients instead of just living on one to two meals per day. I was sick with a nasty cold when I started coconut oil and feel that it helped my body fight the cold better than if I hadn't started taking it. Another thing I have underwear, pants & shirts are a little more loose than before I started coconut oil...I don't think this is weight loss because the scale hasn't shown anything, but rather GI reduction (which is consistent with my friend's findings).

I also noticed on the 8th day (3 Tbsp.) that I actually had a bit of energy...which is an absolutely amazing feeling after 2 years of feeling completely and utterly drained.

All in all...I am going to continue using coconut oil daily because my findings are too positive not to!

On a final note...a few suggestions:
1. Start out out slow when adding Coconut Oil to your daily regimen. Start with 1 Tbsp. and pay attention to your body. 
2. Make notes in a journal for easy reference.
3. Increase your daily dose by 1 Tbsp. per week until you reach the maximum dose of 4 Tbsp. per week.
4. Read "Coconut Cures" by Bruce Fife. This book also details the benefits of coconut oil. Here is the link:
5. Purchasing coconut oil - Purchase either virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. I bought Nature's Way...different brands are going to taste slightly different. You can either purchase at a local health food store or online in bulk.

Thanks for reading!!! Hugs to all!!! :)


  1. Seems tempting as I am also an MS sufferer. I am Anindita, a woman of 43. Tried ayurveda, homeo and now on Vitamin B12 shots on a doc's advice. I feel bad every day. Cant walk, fatigued, vision issues, no appetite (food repels me!!) and many more. BTW, my email id:
    Hope we can communicate and update each other about MS.

    1. please email me at

  2. Have either of you heard of calcium EAP treatment in Hannover Germany? I have two friends who have gone and who have now been 13 yrs and 8 yrs relapse free. I do the oral supplements and have not had a relapse since. It is natural and inexpensive and been 92%successful in Germany for over 35 yrs.

    1. Please provide details on where you get it and dosage. Thank you much!

  3. hello,

    i beat my ms using coconut and a parasite cleanse. please email me at i'd love to talk to you

  4. Please advise on the amounts and how often did you take the oil.

  5. Hi there, Ok, all of these commentaries are enlightening for sure. I've had MS for 21 yrs (no I'm not old) I've been dealing with this for so long, since spring 1994 but I received my diagnosis in late winter, early spring 2009. I've never used drugs or meds for MS and it's been quite slow moving. For 3 months I have been taking a tea spoon of pure coconut oil per day and wondered if I should be ingesting more. It does help with my balance and more energy, any well informed suggestions are welcomed. I can also be reached at Many thanks, Smiles...

  6. FYI: details how staying hydrated at the cellular level is essential in reversing MS. Basically: take your body weight in pounds, divide by 2 (cut the # in half) and that's how many OUNCES of water you need to maintain your current water level. To see if you are dehydrated or not, pinch the skin on the back of your FLAT hand (in the middle, between wrist and ring finger), pull up and let go. If properly hydrated, the skin will snap back faster than the eye can follow. Most people watch the skin slowly sink flat again. If it stays in a "dinosaur" ridge, you are in danger of having a stroke or heart attack, due to being critically dehydrated at the cellular level. (Thirst reflex gets turned off in chronic dehydration, when the body thinks there's no point in yelling for help anymore.) Dr. Ferrydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. spent decades of his life studying just this topic, and wrote 8 books documenting the details and results of rehydration. Serious science, simple solution. Water (nothing added except maybe a little fresh lemon juice) Works. Unbleached, raw Sea Salt (full of minerals) helps rebalance the sodium/potassium pump. He suggests at least 1/2 tsp. uncooked per day. His patients saw miracle reversals of MS and a long list of other complaints. Cheap and worth a try, right?

  7. Many of personal care products on the market have harmful chemicals, so in order to avoid those items. We should start using coconut oil to save our health from harmful effects.