Thursday, August 5, 2010


Orange has never been on my top list of colors. I'm more of a purple & blue kind of lady...

However, I have grown fond of the color orange in the last few years because it symbolizes finding a cure for MS & MS awareness....just like pink is the color for breast cancer awareness.

I have an ORANGE magnetic support ribbon on my car and an ORANGE support ribbon key chain. Last month my daughter made me an ORANGE braided support bracelet. So....I decided to paint my guessed it....ORANGE. I figured...why not?! I'm not shy about having why not start incorporating ORANGE into everything possible in order to create MS awareness and make people curious. I don't care if people stare or think I'm a bit odd...because quite frankly...being a bit odd is fun! LOL

Thinking about all the possibilities of what to make orange got my mind racing with ideas...
I could buy duct tape & turn my cane orange...and then I could go to the craft store and get letter stickers and put "CURE MS" down the front.
I could buy some bright orange shirts that I've seen at Walmart and start wearing them. (also have started thinking about phrases I could put on t-shirts like these)
I could keep re-painting my nails orange...would need to buy new polish, but that is cheap LOL
I could pick up orange bandannas for cheap and write "CURE MS" w/ sharpie on the part that covers my forehead.
I could get a 2nd magnetic support ribbon for the other side of my car.
I could get another support ribbon key chain and hang it from the handle of my cane. (once it is orange of course)
I could get some white t-shirts and tie-dye them orange. (because tie-dye is sooo hippie.....and sooo me! LOL)
I could have my daughter make a bunch more orange support bracelets. (the rubber support bracelets are so common and break easily....I know because I have large-ish wrists and have broken 3 already...grrr)
Not sure about this one....remember those old friendship bracelets?! I thought it'd be cool to figure out a way to them with the orange support ribbon in them...not sure if there is a pattern for it....but I'm sure it wouldn't be that much harder than the heart pattern that I've seen on youtube LOL

Hmmm....I'm sure I could come up with more ideas, but those are the ones I have come up with so far. I do like the idea of incorporating orange into pretty much everything....that is part of the reason the background of this page is least mostly orange ;)

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